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Our Story

Once upon a time, our team of experienced gamers, coffee roasters, and entertainers - including world-renowned streamer Nick “RTFM” - came together to build a caffeine empire.

The team’s vast experience across multiple industries culminated in a brand that combines premium, ethically-sourced coffee with a lifelong passion for video games.

Created with gamers in mind, Beans With Benefits was initially ideated to fill a big void in the gaming space: the lack of coffee options aimed at gamers. In an industry so oversaturated with energy drink and performance options, coffee has often been an afterthought when it comes to a healthier, more day-to-day alternative for gamers.

Here at Beans With Benefits, we aim to make a difference in the space, providing gaming enthusiasts with a product that speaks to them authentically, that can become a part of your daily lifestyle rather than just to fuel gaming sessions.

Ultimately we aspire to create a unique connection with gamers around the world who share a passion for video games and high quality coffee.

Our Mission

Beans with Benefits unapologetically embraces the absurdity of life and gaming culture by providing high-quality coffee that perfectly blends in with a gamer's everyday grind.

Coffee pour over

Our Vision

Beans with Benefits aims to build a lively community of gamers and coffee enthusiasts who share a common passion for coffee.

Our goal is to become the ultimate destination for top-notch coffee blends that energize your everyday routine, while also serving as a hub for humor, authenticity, and connection among people worldwide.

coffee origins brazil

Our Coffee

Origin: 100% Brazilian
Roast: Dark Roast
Tasting Notes: chocolate, caramel, herbs, stone fruit
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Process: Natural
Harvest: June-October

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